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~*:://The stars go round and round Collect them now with both hands\\::*~


30 December 1987
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Uh, hi. My name is Patricia, though I go by Trisha. Yet, I have tons of really strange nicknames that people give me, and no, I don't have a clue how more than half of them came about. Anyways, I'm generally a really hyper person. I like to play over doing anything really constructive, and I usually take everything as a joke. Yet, I must admit that when I do get serious, I take action. And I really do know the times as to not to fool around.

Coming down to things, I was born December 30th, 1987, which makes me a Capricorn (Zodiac) and a Rabbit (Chinese Zodiac). Though, I don't really think that the whole astrology thing applies to me. I happen to really enjoy messing on my blog. I love fooling around with Photoshop, though I'm not really good at it. how did I ace that class again? And uhh, I really enjoy j-dramas, c-dramas, t-dramas, just dramas in general... love j-pop/j-rock, especially Johnny's Entertainment~ JE rules over my life. XD And I do enjoy manga and some anime. I like to cook, though I don't like following directions, so I end up with some really interesting meals. XD

Family-wise, I have one older sister, one older brother, three younger brothers, mom, dad, dog, and a whole bunch of fish which won't stop reproducing... they're party animals XD.


I love making graphics, even if I suck at it... it's a good way to just have something to do, or it's a way to take my mind off of things. So anyways, if you're interested in looking at my graphics, head over to rumble_madness. =)



Professional Actress/Performer
Set Manager

[[Currently Fangirling Over]]

-> Ninomiya Kazunari
-> K-dramas
-> J-dramas

[[Currently Reading]]

-> The Grimm Fairy Tales
-> Random Asian News

[[Currently Watching]]

-> Aiba Manabu
-> Arashi ni Shiyagare
-> Bokura no Yuuki
-> Gomenne Seishun
-> Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu
-> Nino-san
-> Nobunaga Concerto
-> Seijo
-> VS Arashi
-> Yowamushi Pedal


I've got a BA in Japanese with a minor in International Studies.